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Rob making up stories

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Hahahahaha por Dios es igualitooooo *-* amo amo amo! jajajaja #Rob #panda


 Robert and the Panda

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Jumping Rob!!! hahahahahahah his faceeeeee #toomuch

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Bad Ass Cops! Hahahaha esto fue…demasiado chistoso

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para que tengan sueños……….xD

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Looking good Edward! :)

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“I love the piano. I never really had any aspirations to be an actor when I was young. I wanted to play the piano in a bar, to be the old dude with a whiskey glass, all disheveled.”

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˝On the honeymoon, Edward insists they play a lot of chess to avoid … other things. I read that in the script and said, `Come on! Kristen looks so amazing in these little nighties. I don’t think chess is what’s on his mind.´˝

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She’s amazing, right?

Hahahaha :)

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